Essential Tools For Healthy Cooking

For those who have been through the “conversion” experience from unhealthy food to organic food, one of the first things you need to learn is what are the essential tools for preparing your meals. Opening a can and pouring the contents into a pot doesn’t require many tools. So to help you start off your organic kitchen toolkit, we have put together a short list of the most essential tools for healthy cooking that you are not likely to have from your earlier days of meal preparation.

The Chef’s Knife

The-Chef’s-KnifeWhen you are slicing, dicing, and generally chopping your organic foods, you will find a chef’s knife indispensable. Not only is it versatile, but when you go shopping for one look for the stainless steel type which will save you a lot of potential problems with rust.

A Sauté Pan

You may have a skillet, but the sauté pan is easily identified by its straight sides. Healthy diets generally include a number of leafy green vegetables, and the sauté pan is perfect for cooking them. When cooking sauces, those straighter and higher sides will prevent you spilling while stirring.

Quality Food Storage Containers

You may have food storage units that you got on sale, but when it comes to eating healthy and organic you want to move up. The brand name plastic containers are not always good for storing sauces, as they stain easily or are difficult to completely clean. Glass is much preferred, not only for keeping your leftovers fresh but for saving you money replacing containers made of other materials. Hint: If you get containers that have the lids attached you are much more likely to hang on to them without spending time or money searching for them.

Immersion Blender

Immersion-BlenderFor those new to organic cooking, this is a tool that you may not have heard of before. They basically blend while you are cooking. When preparing soups or mashed potatoes, they are an amazing alternative to pre-blending your foods, especially those that can come out lumpy.

Grill Pan

This may seem an odd choice, but there are many people who simply do not have the space for an outdoor grill. Then there are those where the winter weather prevents a grilling masterpiece from being cooked. Being able to grill indoors is a huge advantage, and there are some foods such as shrimp or asparagus that easily fall between the grates on a traditional grill. These features make the grill pan versatile and practical throughout the year.

A Food Processor

Many people see the food processor as a one trick pony – good only for chopping vegetables. But in the world of healthy eating, the food processor can be used to puree soups, grind nuts, or even make bread crumbs. It’s an essential tool that allows you to create new ways for using it in your kitchen.

The specific tools you choose for your kitchen toolkit will depend on the foods you prepare and those that you are likely to use most often. Remember that quality tools are required for quality results. The highest quality tools should be the ones you use the most often.